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About All Creatures Wise and Wonderful

Experienced Holistic Pet Care


All Creatures Wise and Wonderful supports a vision of health that comes from connecting to the vitality of the whole animal. We look for ways to nourish the physical body and the energies of the body; for ways to optimize the environment and how our pets interact with it; and for ways to balance the inner emotional world. 


We offer a practical holistic approach to animal wellness that draws on western and holistic diagnostics, and uses the best of both worlds to treat and prevent illness and discomfort. 

Our clinic offers physical exams; rabies and distemper/parvovirus vaccines; full labwork including bloodwork, urinalysis, and fecal exams; anesthesia-free dental cleanings; blood pressure measurement; skin diagnostics; and cytological analyses. We have a small in-house pharmacy and a large online pharmacy.


Our holistic modalities include chiropractic, osteopathy, visceral release, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, acupuncture that draws on many schools of training, mesotherapy, custom western herbal tinctures, Traditional Chinese Medicine formulas, nutraceuticals, reiki, emotion-code, allergy testing by applied kinesiology, and theta healing. 

We refer to specialists as needed for our clients. We do not do any surgeries. While we have many diagnostic capabilities, we do not perform x-rays or ultrasounds. We have many excellent modalities for sick pets, but if a pet needs ongoing, in-clinic care like IV fluids, we refer to appropriate veterinary hospitals. If a pet becomes ill when we are closed, we recommend taking them to one of the many excellent emergency care facilities that are listed on our resources pages. 

We really love getting to know our clients and our animal patients. It feels like a true gift to be able to do the work we do to help our patients feel their best. 

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