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Diet & Lifestyle

Diet and Lifestyle consults consist of working with a compassionate pet nutrition advisor and human dietetic, who offers a bird's-eye-view on the day-to-day nuances of each client's unique life.  We provide macro and micronutrient allergy testing by use of applied kinesiology, as well as lifestyle suggestions and brand recommendations, whilst analyzing data to build balanced recipes through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine energetics.

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What is it?

This 30-90 minute appointment allocates time for diet recommendations based on the animal's medical and constitutional needs. It is a dialogue between practitioner and owner which is oriented toward creating a brand analysis to discern the optimal pre-made options and/or a custom, balanced recipe. The recommendations are tailor-made to suit your pet's authentic constitution based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) energetics and the answers you provide to questions about your pet's lifestyle. 

This appointment focuses on analyzing different variables that contribute to your pet's life, such as water quality, environmental factors, cleaning supplies, etc., and involves applied kinesiology allergen testing to discern if your animal's preferences are governed physically, emotionally and/or biochemically. Our pet dietitian can provide allergy testing with applied kinesiology during an appointment.


For an additional fee, a custom balanced diet recipe can be provided within 2-3 weeks of the appointment. 

Fees are based on length of time required and whether a balanced recipe is requested. A balanced recipe without an appointment can also be requested by Dr. Matthews

How does it work?

The opportunity to have a constructive conversation that invites critical and creative thinking from the practitioner regarding the details of your pet's diet and lifestyle. 

Who is this helpful for?

If one feels stressed regarding food, it is difficult to digest and rest. Therefore, this is helpful to co-create a customized plan so that the practitioner carries out the necessary research and legwork, while the pet's needs are molded by the guardian, emboldened to be their pet's primary care provider.


What should I expect during the visit?

A Diet and Lifestyle appointment is a 30-90 minute sit-down appointment with your pet present. The practitioner gives the guardian the floor to deeply dive into their concerns and questions, and there is space to educate one another with reciprocity. This appointment can also be conducted through a telehealth visit or phone call. No medical diagnoses will be made, but diagnoses made by a veterinarian can be accomodated, and it is important to share any diagnoses that your pet may have.

What can I expect afterwards?

Chart notes and custom diets are completed by 2-3 weeks after the consultation and/or payment. This approximate date of receiving results is imperative to note because some patients are triaged based on their need or diagnosis. Upon receiving recommendations, clients are encouraged to keep in touch via email, by which a few simple questions may be accommodated. If there are complex questions (and some questions can seem simple to ask but are much more complicated to answer!), a short follow-up appointment is the best way to address those. A follow-up appointment is recommended within three months of any initial diet appointment to assess the implementation of the suggestions and to determine how well the pet has responded, so alterations can be made as needed.

Additionally all custom diets are reviewed by Dr. Amy Matthews before being sent to the client. The practitioner's suggestions are made in conjunction with Dr. Matthews' treatment plan and with your collective goals in mind. May these recommendations contribute to your pet's and, in turn, your longevity and well being. 

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