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Training for Fun and Manners

Please head to the following websites if you're in need of training sessions for your pet(s).

Tails U Win

A training location in Manchester with a wealth of information and support regarding postive-reward based training.


Dogology in Canton has a great reputation and a special fondness for and effectiveness with German Shepherd and pit bull type dogs.  They also welcome fearful and reactive dogs in their classes and pack walks. 

Our Companions

Our Companions in Manchester has excellent basic training and knows how to manage (and welcomes) reactive dogs in their classes and pack walks. 

Pawsitive Steps

in Granby offers experienced dog training by Kim Michalewicz. 

Sandy Meadow Farm


Divine Canine Solutions

Divine Canine Solutions in East Hartford does basic classes as well as more advanced work with athletes and dog field trips.

in Westfield, MA, Sandy Meadow Farm is a highly regarded nearby training facility. 

This page was designed by Dr. Matthews' daughter, Fiora Moakley.

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