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What is it?

Reiki is a healing energy technique that originated in Japan in early 1900’s. The word “reiki” can be translated as Universal Life Energy (“ki” is the Japanese word for qi or chi, which is widely recognized in the English language). The practice involves channeling this universal energy through a practitioner to a recipient for harmonious healing.


How does it work and why is it helpful?

All individuals have ki (qi), or life energy, but sometimes the qi becomes low or disharmonious due to stress or illness. Receiving reiki can help boost and harmonize this qi, resulting in decreased stress, improved emotional well-being, and optimized healing.


Who can benefit from it?

Anyone who experiences stress in their life can benefit from reiki! In particular, animals suffering from chronic pain, chronic illness (including cancer), emotional stress, and chronic anxiety may find reiki to be particularly helpful in its ability to shift the body out of non-healing stress mode and into a more relaxed parasympathetic state that supports healing. Reiki is also very beneficial for sensitive individuals who feel the impact of the world around them too deeply, and even for anxiety in the show ring.

What should I expect?

Reiki can be scheduled as a solo 30 minute treatment. For these appointments, the room lights are dimmed and calming music is played while the practitioner does reiki. Patients often do better without their guardian present so for most animals it is just them and the reiki practitioner. Animals often become very calm, quiet, and relaxed during treatment. Reiki can also be requested to be included during a veterinary or dental appointment to optimize healing and/or soothe anxiety.

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