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What is it?

Myofascial Acoustic Compression therapy is a non-invasive treatment (“therapy”) that uses soundwaves (“acoustic”) to mechanically stimulate (“compression”) deep tissues in a very focused and precise manner. MyACT triggers profound changes in the muscle and connective tissues, including tendons and ligaments (the “myofascial” tissues).


How does it work and why is it helpful?

The acoustic waves can be focused at a defined point in the tissue of the body, specifically targeting injured areas like focal tendon injuries or painful trigger points in muscle. The fine focus of MyACT combined with the fact that it only creates sensation in abnormal tissues means that it can also be used to help elucidate where injuries and stress are in the body by reading subtle changes in body language - this can be useful in stoic patients who aren’t quick to say where they hurt. The mechanical stimulation can help ease apart abnormal muscle compression in trigger points quite quickly. Similarly, the acoustic waves help break down abnormal adhesions in the fascia that can occur after injuries. Releasing such adhesions can restore more normal and comfortable range of motion. In weakened tendons and ligaments, the mechanical stimulation can actually trigger rebuilding using strong linear fiber formation, versus the chaotic fiber deposition that occurs with scarring. In essence, it seems to trigger the body’s normal strengthening and building processes that would happen if there were extreme activity happening - just like the muscles get bigger and stronger in response to exercise, the tendons and ligaments normally respond by getting thicker and stronger over time as well. This effect can be tremendously healing for these tissues that are typically plagued with poor blood flow, slow weak rebuilding using scar tissue, and chronic lingering dysfunction. Similarly, it appears to optimize joint cartilage and production of joint fluid to provide cushioning (and less pain) in arthritic joints.

Who can benefit from it?

MyACT is ideal to help heal chronic tendon and ligament injuries, including tendonitis of the shoulder (biceps tendonitis, supraspinatus tendonitis, infraspinatus tendonitis, and subscapularis tendonitis), psoas tendonitis, and possibly milder cruciate ligament injuries. It is helpful for chronic arthritis in joints such as the hips, stifles (knees), elbows, tarsi (ankles), and carpi (wrists), either through supporting tissues inside the joint or helping heal ligaments associated with the joint. MyACT also helps with spinal issues such as intervertebral disc disease, lumbosacral disease, and cervical (neck) pain.


What should I expect?

The initial consultation may or may not include a treatment, depending on what your pet was scheduled for. If MyACT is recommended, each treatment takes 15-30 minutes, depending on the size and number of areas treated. For most patients, one treatment per week is performed for 3-6 treatments and the response is assessed. During this time, activity is restricted in order to allow tissues to heal without reinjury, and sometimes that exercise restriction extends for up to 3 months total. We see healing and resolution of symptoms in many patients. However, sometimes the problem that brings a patient in, like a shoulder or psoas tendonitis, can be a sign of a deeper problem, like pain or weakness in the joints of the hindquarters. If this is suspected, further diagnostics and therapy may be warranted. For chronic arthritis patients, we can support their ongoing quality of life using monthly treatments after the initial series, with or without other therapeutics. For optimal healing, it is not unusual to combine MyACT with herbs or supplements to support tissue healing and with pulsed electromagnetic field treatments to optimize cellular health and responsiveness.

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